Some of what I’ve done recently

May 20, 2014

Well despite me saying I would post more, it’s still taken over a month to post this. So umm I suck 🙂

So what have I done??

Let’s start off with Mantic shall we? I’ve been painting my Deadzone Kickstarter figures(slowly) and although I still haven’t figured out a colour scheme for Plague I’m happy with yet, I have finished the Chovar and The Helfather.


I’ve also finished the Enforcer Captain and I happy with him.


I’m also in the process of cleaning and assembling a Basilean army for Kings of War( no photos of this yet)

Next we have Firestorm Amarda.

I’ve finished my Heavy Destroyer and the Battleship from the Starter box, Just the 3 Destroyers and 6 Frigates from the starter to go( I’ve only had these models for 2 years so progress isn’t that slow 😛 )


After that we have Infinity.

Pictured is the Guarda de Assalto, for Pan-Oceania’s Shock army of Acontecimento.


He’s the only one for this army I’ve managed to finish so far, still have the starter box, a Naga and a sniper to go for this army, then I just have to finish my Yu Ging army and the 6 Mercenaries I have. So there are another 30+ models in various stages of completion.

Oh well, it should give me something to do while I’m recovering from back surgery.


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