My First Game of Dreadball

January 4, 2013

All Right!! Finally got to play a couple of game of Dreadball.

All I can say is Holly Crap what a great game, even though we where both learning and checking the rule book for everything we did, it was still a fast paced game, exciting and dynamic.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way lets describe the games.

Game 1 ( Trontek 29ers vs Trontek 29ers)

Yup two human teams facing off. We decided on this as their stats are the same across the board so it was one less thing we had to concern ourselves with while learning rules and game play.

Unfortunately I didn’t take photo’s or notes( stupid me I know) so you won’t get a play by play breakdown.

This game had alot  of knockdowns, injury’s, and strikes to make a very interesting game. It came close to a whitewash against me a couple of times and in the end I did lose but great fun. Have to say as well the cards can save your ass in a pinch.

Game 2 ( Greenmoon Smackers vs Midguard Delvers)

We decided to try different teams for our second game to see how the game play was.

I played Greenmoon Smackers and my opponent was Midguard Delvers.

This was a fun and funny game. I was the home team so I started by sending my guards up and beating some dwarfs( all in good fun of course) I then managed to get one of my Jacks into the strike zone and shoot, Yay 1 point,From there things went horribly wrong.

Despite injuring or killing Dwarf’s so my opponent never had more than 4 players on the field, I couldn’t pick up a ball or make a strike to save myself( 4+ with 1 D6, so 50/50 chance, NOPE)

The dwarf’s made some excellent rolls for armour checks( Knocked one down and beat him by 5 points, needs to make 5x 5+ saves, rolls 3x 6’s AARRRGGGG) and scatters seemed to be drawn to them.

Oh well, ended up losing by 3 points, but another great game and I’m looking forward to the next games and getting a league series going.

A big thanks to LavaJohn for the games too.

To finish off I completed another MVP.

Meet John Doe


I loved the purple tentacles that Mantic showed on their site and wanted to do this, but wasn’t happy with the black armour. I visualized this character being from a water world and as he is wearing a custom armour set this would properly portray this world some how, hence the varying shades of blue.

Hope you enjoy it.



One Response to “My First Game of Dreadball”

  1. LavaJohn Says:

    Two excellent games buddy. I can definitely see how each of the player roles really pull their weight. Strikers are so much better at scoring, which left the Smackers at a disadvantage in game 2. At the same time Strikers are really easy to knock out (especially Dwarf ones!) and I believe you killed one in each of our games. I enjoyed our games so much that I have painted up my Dwarves and my MDF pitch. Almost got everyone else assembled or painting started too. Should be some fun demos at club on Monday!

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