December 30, 2012

I love Dreadball!!

I love the models, I love the story behind it all, I love the ability to have a quick game or two a night and the opportunity to run a league and make your team better.

Now I must admit I supported the Kickstarter so I have all 4 first season teams and the MVP’s so I have a lot to look at.

That is also my problem……Where to start??

I know the Ref.



All the photos in the rule book have the ref White, Now this looks great it’s not what I wanted :/ fussy I know. But there was a drawing in the book of the ref in a white and grey color scheme, there we go that’s better. 

The Pink? Well that one of my 6 year old twins idea( It’s a girl Daddy it must have pink on her)

over all I’m happy with how it turned out( The photo’s don’t do these models justice unfortunately  camera or cameraman’s fault?)

Next I did two MVP’s, The Enforcer and Number 88.




I tried to keep the color scheme as close to pictures and the written material as possible. Number 88 was easy, Black with a mirrored visor.

The Enforcer’s colors sound easy but trying to get that old, battle used Armour look without making ti look like he’s just been pummeled  is a fine line, hopefully I’m on the right side of that line.

Now I’m working on the Trontek 29ers.

So far I’ve done a Striker, a Jack and a Guard. The color scheme I chose is the Visitors kit.

The green and white looks great on these models, it require a bit of work but I think it’s worth it in the end.


The Dreadball gloves on the Striker and Jack I wanted to stand out so I’ve used a shaped piece of clear plastic to show the energy field of the glove.


Hope you like them.



One Response to “YIPPIE DREADBALL”

  1. LavaJohn Says:

    Looking good, will have to get a game in, perhaps this week?

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