First Models

December 30, 2012

As I said in the last post the first models I got from Mantic was a Veer-Myn starter Army.

I love these models, loads of personality in the sculpts, a lot of detail and over all a great idea and background for a space fairing creature.

I looked at these models once I had cleaned them up and assembled them, trying to work out a color scheme that I felt would do them justice( and would be suitable to my painting skill)

What I finally decided on was a scheme where the characters, commanders Sgt’s etc would stand out from the minions. 

So it goes like this.




These guys are the white lab rats, their larger, smarter and meaner than your average rat.


Special characters.

These guys are your piebald rats almost as large as the commanders and just as temperamental.

sorry no photos yet 😦


The black sewer rats, they will take a bite out of you as soon as look at you and perfect to keep the troops in line.

Troops( minions)



These are your average brown rat, the multitudes, They are legion. There is a steady stream of these guys to send into the fray.

So there you go my Warpath Veer-myn starter army with color scheme and a couple of pics.

Hope you enjoy.



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