And we begin

December 29, 2012

Hi everyone,

I am trying to become a Pathfinder for Mantic Games and part of the conditions were to create a blog to let people know of their products and up coming events as well as my experiances with them and their products.

After a slight pause I thought a blog would be great whether I become a Pathfinder or not.

So here we go.

I found Mantic Games by accident while searching for something to use in a conversion I was planning in another game, but after a quick look through their website I decided to save the address to come back to later. About 2 weeks later I came back and had a better look and was impressed by the figures I could see and their idea for the future. I was telling a friend about this site when he said he had already brought some figures from them and showed them to me. Well that was it, I had to get some too.

I brought a Veer-Myn starter army( Got to love man sized rats in space :)) and started a love affiar with these models.

Last October I found out about a Kickstarter for thier new game, DREADBALL.

Yup, I supported it, and in early December I received my first package from that kickstarter. All I can say is WOW! there are a lot of models in here and the hardest part was trying to figure out where to start? Veer-Myn? Forge Fathers? MVP’s oh the choices.


I’ve decided to start with the Ref, a couple of MVP’s and the Trontek 29ers just to kick things off, so I will be back soon with the next post and some photo’s.


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