Well despite me saying I would post more, it’s still taken over a month to post this. So umm I suck ūüôā

So what have I done??

Let’s start off with Mantic shall we? I’ve been painting my Deadzone Kickstarter figures(slowly) and although I still haven’t figured out a colour scheme for Plague I’m happy with yet, I have finished the Chovar and The Helfather.


I’ve also finished the Enforcer Captain and I happy with him.


I’m also in the process of cleaning and assembling a Basilean army for Kings of War( no photos of this yet)

Next we have Firestorm Amarda.

I’ve finished my Heavy Destroyer and the Battleship from the Starter box, Just the 3 Destroyers and 6 Frigates from the starter to go( I’ve only had these models for 2 years so progress isn’t that slow ūüėõ )


After that we have Infinity.

Pictured is the Guarda de Assalto, for Pan-Oceania’s Shock army of Acontecimento.


He’s the only one for this army I’ve managed to finish so far, still have the starter box, a Naga and a sniper to go for this army, then I just have to finish my Yu Ging army and the 6 Mercenaries I have. So there are another 30+ models in various stages of completion.

Oh well, it should give me something to do while I’m recovering from back surgery.


And the world goes on

April 13, 2014

I suck, I know it.

I haven’t been on here for a while, and truth to be told I kinda forgot my password and log on as well.

I blame life, cos to blame myself would be against everything I am as a male( no my wife didn’t write that bit)


So what’s been happening with me??

Well last you all heard I had received my Dreadball season 1 figures and started painting them.I was also trying for a Pathfinder’s position.

HEH! Well that was a while ago. I’ve now received all of my Dreadball kickstarter figures and painted about half of them.

I’ve backed and received the first shipment of Deadzone and started painting those.

I’ve also backed Mars Attacks and waiting for the first shipment.

I have also managed to pick up a Basileans army for Kings of War.¬†WOOHOO that’s alot of figures from Mantic

And I have now found out that the Pathfinders will not be venturing down this way for a long while yet( Bugga).


Well this could be a blessing in disguise as I’ve discovered a few other game systems that I am thoroughly enjoying as well.

These are Infinity, Star Wars – X-Wing, and Malifaux.

So I will be extending my Blog to encompass them as well( good luck to me)

Hopefully I can put up some photos of what I’ve done in the next day or two.

Thanks for reading.



Yes I’m still here

January 24, 2013

Hi all,

Just a quick post to say I’m still around:P

I’ve played a few games of dreadball now and got a few of the rules wrong and sorted, Hopefully now can start to work towards a league match at my local club ( Hamilton Immortals NZ)

Unfortunately¬†I did take photos but no notes so forgot what was happening at each point, At some point I will remember that I’m getting old and my memory ain’t so good and that I’m getting old.

Ummm see

Will have to take a note book to next game and take notes when I take photos.

Well below are some photos of a game with LavaJohn in which I can’t remember him beating my Trontek 29ers


My First Game of Dreadball

January 4, 2013

All Right!! Finally got to play a couple of game of Dreadball.

All I can say is Holly Crap what a great game, even though we where both learning and checking the rule book for everything we did, it was still a fast paced game, exciting and dynamic.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way lets describe the games.

Game 1 ( Trontek 29ers vs Trontek 29ers)

Yup two human teams facing off. We decided on this as their stats are the same across the board so it was one less thing we had to concern ourselves with while learning rules and game play.

Unfortunately I didn’t take photo’s or notes( stupid me I know) so you won’t get a play by play breakdown.

This game had alot¬† of knockdowns, injury’s, and strikes to make a very interesting game. It came close to a whitewash against me a couple of times and in the end I did lose but great fun. Have to say as well the cards can save your ass in a pinch.

Game 2 ( Greenmoon Smackers vs Midguard Delvers)

We decided to try different teams for our second game to see how the game play was.

I played Greenmoon Smackers and my opponent was Midguard Delvers.

This was a fun and funny game. I was the home team so I started by sending my guards up and beating some dwarfs( all in good fun of course) I then managed to get one of my Jacks into the strike zone and shoot, Yay 1 point,From there things went horribly wrong.

Despite injuring or killing Dwarf’s so my opponent never had more than 4 players on the field, I couldn’t pick up a ball or make a strike to save myself( 4+ with 1 D6, so 50/50 chance, NOPE)

The dwarf’s made some excellent rolls for armour checks( Knocked one down and beat him by 5 points, needs to make 5x 5+ saves, rolls 3x 6’s AARRRGGGG) and scatters seemed to be drawn to them.

Oh well, ended up losing by 3 points, but another great game and I’m looking forward to the next games and getting a league series going.

A big thanks to LavaJohn for the games too.

To finish off I completed another MVP.

Meet John Doe


I loved the purple tentacles that Mantic showed on their site and wanted to do this, but wasn’t happy with the black armour. I visualized this character being from a water world and as he is wearing a custom armour set this would properly portray this world some how, hence the varying shades of blue.

Hope you enjoy it.


My Page

December 30, 2012

HEH I’ve been looking at other Blogs and I’ve relised that my blog could look better, so it’s time to look for a theme that works for me, I hope



December 30, 2012

I love Dreadball!!

I love the models, I love the story behind it all, I love the ability to have a quick game or two a night and the opportunity to run a league and make your team better.

Now I must admit I supported the Kickstarter so I have all 4 first season teams and the MVP’s so I have a lot to look at.

That is also my problem……Where to start??

I know the Ref.



All the photos in the rule book have the ref White, Now this looks great it’s not what I wanted :/ fussy I know. But there was a drawing in the book of the ref in a white and grey color scheme, there we go that’s better.¬†

The Pink? Well that one of my 6 year old twins idea( It’s a girl Daddy it must have pink on her)

over all I’m happy with how it turned out( The photo’s don’t do these models justice¬†unfortunately¬† camera or¬†cameraman’s¬†fault?)

Next I did two MVP’s, The Enforcer and Number 88.




I tried to keep the color scheme as close to pictures and the written material as possible. Number 88 was easy, Black with a mirrored visor.

The Enforcer’s colors sound easy but trying to get that old, battle used¬†Armour¬†look without making ti look like he’s just been¬†pummeled¬† is a fine line, hopefully I’m on the right side of that line.

Now I’m working on the Trontek 29ers.

So far I’ve done a Striker, a Jack and a Guard. The color scheme I chose is the Visitors kit.

The green and white looks great on these models, it require a bit of work but I think it’s worth it in the end.


The Dreadball gloves on the Striker and Jack I wanted to stand out so I’ve used a shaped piece of clear plastic to show the energy field of the glove.


Hope you like them.


First Models

December 30, 2012

As I said in the last post the first models I got from Mantic was a Veer-Myn starter Army.

I love these models, loads of personality in the sculpts, a lot of detail and over all a great idea and background for a space fairing creature.

I looked at these models once I had cleaned them up and assembled them, trying to work out a color scheme that I felt would do them justice( and would be suitable to my painting skill)

What I finally decided on was a scheme where the characters, commanders Sgt’s etc would stand out from the minions.¬†

So it goes like this.




These guys are the white lab rats, their larger, smarter and meaner than your average rat.


Special characters.

These guys are your piebald rats almost as large as the commanders and just as temperamental.

sorry no photos yet ūüė¶


The black sewer rats, they will take a bite out of you as soon as look at you and perfect to keep the troops in line.

Troops( minions)



These are your average brown rat, the multitudes, They are legion. There is a steady stream of these guys to send into the fray.

So there you go my Warpath Veer-myn starter army with color scheme and a couple of pics.

Hope you enjoy.